How TutorSmart Works

TutorSmart provides in-person tutoring support for students across Greater Toledo. All students participating in the program engage with teachers and volunteers each week to receive help in math and reading. Experience has taught us that students are more successful when studying math and reading at the same time.

Each week students receive individual & small group tutoring, help with homework on an ongoing basis, and enjoy learning activities and enrichment exercises during after-school hours.

Some students may qualify for virtual tutoring, which is determined on an individual basis.

TutorSmart services are available to all students(1st-8th grade) in the greater Toledo area at no cost.

Tutoring Locations

Math & Reading Tutoring

Enroll your student in our Math & Reading program today.

Virtual Tutoring

Virtual Tutoring available for qualifying students.

Results That Show

We help kids get the confidence and skills they need to achieve success.

Leveling the Playing Field

TutorSmart believes that by leveling the playing field through academic tutoring after school, we can help these kids get back on grade level with the confidence and skills they need to achieve success. TutorSmart is focused on closing the achievement gap to ensure that every child has the tools necessary to confidently engage with grade-level-appropriate content in the classroom. And its working!

TutorSmart is a 4-hour-a-week Commitment to Academic Tutoring

Our tutors work with kids individually and in small groups to ensure mastery of standards. Its a lot to ask of kids and parents outside of the school day, but it works.

If Your Student is Struggling, TutorSmart Can Help & it's FREE!

Our certified tutors are experienced educators who use your child’s data to identify the gaps and teach the skills necessary to master concepts that may have been missed in previous years. By individualizing our tutoring, students gain confidence to tackle grade level content and are better able to participate in class discussions and projects during the school day.

Our goal is that EVERY child has the resources they need to achieve on grade level. Every. Single. One.

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