Frequently Asked Questions

The role of a TutorSmart tutor is to provide additional academic assistance to students for the purpose of closing their academic gaps. TutorSmart tutors do not assist students with any graded material, including homework, projects, take-home exams, etc. 

Our tutoring focuses on helping students to improve their Reading and Math skills.

TutorSmart services are available to all students (1st-8th grade) in the greater Toledo area.

Our tutoring services are provided in small group settings. Eligible students may qualify for 1:1 tutoring within our virtual community. Eligibility is determined on a case by case basis and based on availability of our team members. 

All TutorSmart services, including face-to-face tutoring and online/remote tutoring are provided free of charge to all currently enrolled students.

Times vary based on location. Typically, tutoring is Monday through Thursday.

Our Tutoring Locations can be found on our webpage:

Tutoring Locations

The length of time spent in tutoring will be determined by the level of support needed. While this might look a little different for each student, here are some common signs that tutoring might be ready to end:

  • Your child reaches those tutoring goals
  • His/her grades are up and staying up
  • He/she doesn’t have as much work to do with the tutor
  • He/she feels confident working without the tutor 
  • Your child is not engaged or benefiting from tutoring 

While we highly recommend that students attend every session every week, we understand that is not always possible. If your student will be absent, simply let your tutor know so that he/she can plan accordingly.

Students receiving tutoring services at one of our library locations may change their library location by notifying their existing tutor. Please allow 24 hrs for your transfer request to be processed.  

No, unfortunately, TutorSmart does not provide tutoring for any type of standardized test.

No, TutorSmart does not offer or facilitate any private tutoring services.